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  • Welcome! Bienvenido a la página web de español  

    Help is available during Period 10  in Room 305

    Monday-Thursday 2:30-3:05 P.M. & Friday by appointment.

    This year we will not be using this web page. 

    We are using Edmodo.com which is similar to Facebook. 

    Each student has created an Edmodo account and given access to their class page. This permits students to interact exchanging information, have access to power point lessons, review the syllabus, classroom rules, rubrics and assignments. 

    Homework: Students will receive daily notification on their cell phones and can access lessons and assignments wether in school, at home or in the road using a cell phone, tablet, lap top or PC.

    ***Parents will receive an Edmodo.com code to facilitate monitoring your children progress and communicate with the teacher.

    Should you have any concerns, please feel free to e mail me at emarquezaponte@hackensackschools.org

    Please ignore the information shown below.

    Daily assignments are posted on the "my homework" menu.
    1.Click on "my homework" and a sub-menu will appear 
    2.Click on your Spanish level (1 or 2) and assignments will appear.

    Absent Students
    Go to the "my homework" menu, identify the assignment and please make it up. 
    On the day that you return to school please come during period 10 to room 305.    

    Binder Sections
    Your binder must be divided and label into 4 sections:
    1. Organizer
    2. Workbook (libro de práctica)
    3. Notas & Handouts
    4. Quizzes, Reviews & Projects 

    Learning Resources

    Flashcards: Ideal to practice vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. 
    1. Go to classzone
    2. Select the unit and chapter 
    3. Click on Flashcards
    4. Click on the Flashcard to see the word in English

    Self Check Quiz: Ideal to review for a test
    1. Go to classzone
    2. Select the unit and chapter 
    3. Click on Self-Check Quiz

    Online Workbook:  this is not the same workbook as the one distributed in class
    This ideal for extra practice. Use it as needed.

    Organizer: This tool contains all the concepts that are studied on each chapter. When this is assigned, please study it. 
    Organizers are distributed in class and can be found on the class handout section.

    To find an organizer
    1. Go to Class Handouts
    2. On the sub-menu select the unit and chapter
    3. Click on the organizer  (excel file)