L'Éducation Française





    Mlle Mason



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    The Mission of the World Language Department of HHS

    We aim to prepare students to communicate with speakers in another language. This involves the development of the four skills fundamental to language acquisition: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will learn to better understand their own culture and increase awareness of other cultures through the language they are studying. The goal is to foster an appreciation for language learning that will ultimately promote bi-literacy and critical thinking skills across disciplines. 



    "Old Hackensack"

    Oh Hackensack, dear Alma Mater,

    For thee we raise the gold and blue.

    And strive to life thy banner higher

    In each and everything we do.

    And when we bring up to thy altar

    Trophies from Football, Field and Track,

    We'll mingle many hearts and voices

    In praise of Hackensack!

    But high school friendships all must sever

    And fade, as does the dying day.

    And comrades all must come to parting

    As out in life we mend our way.

    Whatever fate may hold in secret

    May we turn our memories back,

    Renew once more our old devotion

    For thee, dear Hackensack.