About us

  • The Hackensack School District is dedicated to educational excellence for every child.  Our schools aim to prepare students for challenges facing them today and in the future. We believe our children and our teachers are our most precious gifts.  Our goal is to inspire students to be leaders of their own learning.  As a community of learners,  we value our rich cultural diversity and recognize it as one of our greatest strengths.  We also understand that achieving our goals requires collaboration between teachers, parents, students and the broader community.



    The mission of the Hackensack Public School District is to challenge all students to excel along their own personal learning continuum and become responsible, civic-minded global citizens of the 21st Century.  We inspire and challenge students to be active learners who can think critically, engage in complex problem-solving, communicate effectively, take pride in the work they produce and contribute to making a positive difference in the world around them.

    Our schools strive to personalize learning to meet the needs of each student.  In partnership with parents and the community, our schools will maximize academic achievement and develop confident students who are accountable for their ongoing learning, value initiative and diversity, and who are able to contribute meaningfully to the ever-changing global society.

    We believe:

    • Our students will be effective communicators, quality producers, self-directed lifelong learners, community contributors, collaborative workers and complex thinkers;

    • All students are entitled to opportunities to maximize their talents and abilities;

    • Our ethnic and cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and prepares students for success in a global society;

    • Setting high expectations for students, teachers and administrators ensures that our students successfully meet or exceed New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  

    • Parents are essential partners in the education of their children;

    • Maintaining a strong partnership with the Hackensack community is integral to student success;

    • Understanding, implementing and responding to current trends in digital learning is intrinsic to success in a global 21st century;

    • In ensuring that the district has a well-trained, highly qualified and competent staff;

    • In maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.

    The underlying values and principles that drive our mission and vision are personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, collaboration, respect for others, honesty, integrity and the firm belief that every child can learn.


    DISTRICT GOALS 2018/2019

    1. Continue the curriculum review plan in order to provide engaging and rigorous learning opportunities, with an emphasis on engraining the standards in the classroom, to increase student achievement.

    2. To foster personalized learning by promoting Blended Learning across all grades levels aligned to ITSE NETS and New Jersey Student Learning Standards, with a goal of advancing earned Bronze Future-Ready status to Silver, and achieving Bronze levels in the rest of the schools.

    3. To strengthen parent and community partnerships built upon trust, responsibility and the sharing of talents and resources to maximize student academic and social-emotional growth.

    4. To augment and maintain Hackensack Public School district facilities, so as to meet the instructional challenges of students and staff, and support Future-Ready skills.

    5. To recruit, hire, retain and develop a diverse faculty that will implement best practices and demonstrate culturally responsive outreach, to address the diverse needs of students.