How You Can Help Your Child - Top Ten Things You Can Do

  •    1. Read together daily!!!! 
              Children who read at home with their parents perform better in school. 
       2. Establish a family routine for homework.
              Set aside a regular, quiet time and place for students to work and be encouraging.
       3. Be involved with your child's school. 
              Parents who are involved with the school have students that succeed better in school. 
       4. Focus on your child’s progress. 
              By focusing on what your child does well, your child feels more successful. 
       5. Work with your child. 
              Helping your child with studying spelling words, math facts or preparing for a test, as this makes 
              your child feel more confident with your support.
       6. Look over your child’s papers often. 
              When you show an interest in what your child is doing, often the child works harder to succeed.
       7. Setting limits helps your child see your priorities.
              Don’t be afraid to set limits for TV, radio, video games or the like, especially during study time.
       8. Teach your child to be responsible. 
              Your child is a student, so make them responsible for their education, such as putting their own
              homework in their backpacks.
       9. Make learning important. 
              Find excitement in learning by taking your child on nature walks, going to special events and
             demonstrating that you want to learn things with them.
     10. Have fun with your child!!