You Can Help Your Child Do Better on Tests - Analyzing Why

  • As a parent, there are many things you can do to help your child reach his or her potential when taking a test.  But first you must understand the three main contributing factors for students' test scores.  

    1.   Content: Does the student know the material they were tested on? If they do not, they need more study time. 

    What you can do: Set aside study time for what your child has not yet mastered. Have your child tell you what they learn during this time.

    2.   Reading and Understanding what the question is asking: Some students are writing answers without ever reading the questions. They may have known the correct answer but never got credit for knowing because they answered something that was not asked. Students need to read every question and be sure they understand what the question is asking before answering. If there is any confusion after reading a question, students are expected to raise their hand and say so. Teachers can then reread or rephrase the question. 

    What you can do: Review your child's homework. When the answers do not match the questions, ask your child to reread the question and tell you what it is asking. Do the same with returned tests.

    3.   Careless mistakes: Students should always check their answers. When they do, they often find mistakes they made carelessly and correct them.

    What you can do:When you know your child knows the content and understood the question, discuss the importance of taking the needed time to do well and rechecking their work. 

    Low test scores are frustrating for everyone but the good news is you can help your child do better. Review returned homework and tests with your child to determine what contributed to the mistakes. Discuss your findings with your child. Everyone will be happy.