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    Information about Hackensack Schools Home Instruction Program. 

    If you are a HBOE teacher and would like to view the list of Postings for home instruction, please click on the following Home Instruction Postings

    If you need forms for providing home instruction please click on the following Forms for Home Instruction.

    Please send all email about home instruction to hi@hackensackschools.org 

    The procedures listed below are required when referring a classified/non-classified student for Alternative Education Instruction:

    1.  The referring agent must complete and submit to our office “Request For Alternative Education Instruction”.   Attach a printout of the student’s current curriculum/teacher schedule to this form.

    2.  A parental/legal guardian’s request letter for Alternative Education Instruction must be submitted in writing with original signature to this office for review.

    3.  If the request is for a medical reason the  “Parent request for Medical Home Instruction Letter” must be completed, signed and attached to the student’s medical referral.

    4.  If the referral is for medical reasons, the doctor’s note must include diagnosis and duration of disability (start date and end dates) requiring the alternative education. 

    5.  All classified students referred and approved for Alternative Education Instruction must have an IEP to reflect the change of program by the student’s case manager.

    All applicable documents must be received by the Office of Special Services immediately following notification of your student’s need for Alternative Education  Instruction.