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    Communication is a key to any class. Under this section, you may find current and archived news and newsletters, upcoming events and important dates.

    Please have your child read 5 out of 7 nights. I know that student activities are important, so you can pick any 5 nights out of the week. I like to read on Sunday nights with my kids to get ready for the school week. A rainy afternoon Saturday also is a good time. Reading is the number one way to build up your fluency, vocabulary and background knowledge. 

    I send home 2-5 books a night. Have your student read and re-read the texts to practice their fluency. Have them read to a younger child. It is a great nightly routine to put in.   

    Your child will come home with fiction and non-fiction books. You can always talk to your student about their books. With fiction (fake), talk about characters, setting, problem/solution and have them retell it to you. WIth non-fiction(real) have them tell you what they learned. 

    Read, read and read.