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Joy Dorsey-Whiting, Principal

  • Joy Dorsey-Whiting
    Fanny Meyer Hillers School

    Greetings and Welcome to Hillers School,

    I consider it a great pleasure and tremendous honor to serve as the principal of this wonderful “Academy on the Hill”. Our theme at Hillers is …”A School of STARS”.  S.T.A.R.S. stands for:


    T- To


    R-Reach and


    Our students, parents and community!


    I often refer to the students as my Hillers School STARS because like stars they are bright, beautiful and unique. Our teachers and staff work diligently to ensure that our STARS glean the most out of their educational experiences.  Through this website you will view what makes our school such a wonderful place for students to grow, learn, think and become.


    At Hillers School, we are:


    • Dedicated to the task of educating the 21st Century learner.  Our goal is to educate tomorrow’s leaders today. This goal will be actualized as we challenge our students’ minds, nurture their gifts and cultivate their talents through an exciting standards based curriculum. 
    • Rich in Diversity. We are a great community school rich in diversity and learning experiences. We are a school where everyone shares in the success of our students. We can not do it alone and need your help! Your presence and participation add to the wealth of our community.
    • A school which encourages a love for learning and life. Learning should be fun, interactive and meaningful.  We strive to plan learning experiences with student interest and engagement at the core
    • Welcoming.  Our school is a warm, friendly environment. We strive to greet all our visitors with a smile and friendly hello!  At Hillers, our students know that they are respected and cared for


    Again, welcome to our school! Here’s to a STELLAR AND SUCCESSFUL year!



    Mrs. Joy Dorsey-Whiting