About Ms. Picone

  • Mrs. Picone

    I'm so glad you want to learn a bit more about me! 

    Before I joined the Fairmount family, I was not always a school librarian. I worked as a youth services librarian in a public library. I worked with children as young as the tiniest baby, and all the way up through their teen years. I sang songs in story time, planned exciting visiting author programs and recommended books to kids of all ages. I loved being a public librarian, but I enjoy seeing my students every day even more! As a public librarian, I saw a lot of kids, but not always the same ones. Now that I am in Fairmount, I am looking forward to watching my students learn and grow each and every day, and through every year they are with us in Fairmount. 

    To be a school media specialist, you must have a Masters degree in Library Science. Not many people know that! I attended Texas Woman's University for my MLS and before that, I went to Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and studied Environmental Science. As a college student, I worked in zoos and museums. It was a blast - but books are just as fun! 

    I grew up "down the shore" and lived all my life in the town that won the Little League World Championship in 1998. 

    I have two cats named Bear and Winnie. I love to talk about them! I don't play many sports, but I grew up riding horses and own one. Her name is Lady, and she's an American Quarter Horse

    My favorite book is Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech. I first read it in fourth grade and it is a silly, girly, very true to heart book that has stuck with me ever since. (And yes, Fairmount Library has a copy!) I also love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter and Origami Yoda series. If you ever catch me reading - you'll often notice I read the same books Fairmount kids do! 

    My students often ask why I love being a librarian, or why I chose to be one. It's because not only do I love books, I also love helping others find books they love too. There is nothing cooler than watching a student's eyes light up when we find that "just right" book together!

    Thanks for taking some time to learn a little bit more about me!