Media Center Goals

  • Media Center Goals

    A good library is always changing and adapting to meet the needs of its users. As a media specialist, I aim to embrace new resources and learn how it can enhance my student's learning environment and experiences. I also strive to teach my students the benefits of not only the school library, but also the public library, and I prepare them to be independent and responsible library users in any library space.  

    In a digital world, it's important to teach students to not only be responsible digital users, but also effective ones. In the library, we use and explore different types of technology in order to expose students to many different ways to enhance learning.

    Goals of the Media Center:

    • To develop and encourage a student's love of reading.
    • To develop and maintain a collection within the media center that meets the needs of its users.
    • To teach students to be independent library users.
    • To develop skills to enable students to be effective and responsible media and information users. 

    How Parents Can Help:

    To help the media center achieve its goals, help from home is beneficial and necessary! Here are a few ways to help your child enhance their library skills.

    • Encourage your child to read. Simple as that! Make time every day to each together - that's even better. Ask what book your child has brought home this week and discuss it together. 
    • Set an example of good book care. Encourage your child to treat their library books kindly and responsibly. Provide a safe "library book" spot - this can be a shelf, a spot on a table or on their night stand. A consistent place for a library book certainly means less lost library books, but it is also a way to show your child how important reading is if it has its own special spot.
    • Remind your child to bring their book back on their library day and practice putting it safely into your child's school bag together. Remind them there shouldn't be any liquids bouncing around with it - that's great book care!
    • Monitor internet use at home. Responsible internet habits are important not only in school, but also at home. In a world where lines blur between digital life and real life, responsibility is becoming more and more important. 
    • Best of all - visit the public library with your child!! Encourage reading as a hobby, not only something done at/for school. Public libraries have so much to offer. Attend a program, have a weekly routine visit...make it your own. Check out the Hackensack's Johnson Public Library