Things to work on





    Below are some things that you can work on with your child.

     Putting on, buttoning and or zippering their coats.



    * Buttoning and zipping their pants.


    *Tying their shoes.


    *Writing their name-first and last. Please have them begin their letters from the top of the line and go down, not from the bottom and go up.


    *Talk about what they did during the day-help them remember in order things they did. This will help them when they write and recalling parts of a story.


    *    Recognize the letters of the alphabet. This does not mean just memorizing the song, although singing does help, but knowing that when they say A this is what it looks like. Flash cards or letters written on a piece of paper and touched each time they say it works.



       *      Recognizing shapes-circles, squares, triangles, rectangles. Play “I Spy a…” where ever you are.


         *     Recognizing and comparing the sizes of objects use the words: larger than…, longer than…, shorter than…, taller than… and so on.


    *   Looking for patterns-anything that repeats itself in an order. These can be anywhere in a book, on their clothes, outside. Colors, shapes, sizes of items.

    Here are year end goals built into the program and aligned with the CCS for Math:

    -          Counts by 1’s and 10’s to 100

    -          Count on from any number other than 1

    -          Writes numbers correctly 0-20

    -          Demonstrates 1 to 1 correspondence

    -          Count up to 20 objects no matter how they are arranged (line; scattered; circle…)

    -          Count and know the next number is 1 more

    -          Compares numbers/groups of objects and know if they are greater than, less than or equal to another group

    -          Add and subtract in many ways-using objects or pictures to show the problem

    -          Know that numbers 11-19 are made up of tens and ones

    -          Solves addition number sentences minimally 0-5

    -          Solves subtraction number sentences minimally 0-5

    -          Solves addition and subtraction word problems minimally 0-10

    -          Use words to compare objects length or weight

    -          Count and sort objects into a group

    -          Identifies two and three dimensional shapes

    -          Analyze and describes two and three dimensional shapes

    -          Creates two and three dimensional shapes from small shapes-example use 2 triangles to make a rectangle

    -          Use terms such as above, below, next to, in front of, behind