Homework Assignments

  • Homework is a very important part of your grade. 
    You will not receive anything higher than a B if you do not complete your homework. 

    Deadlines for homework assignments are firm deadlines, unless a note from home or a doctor is brought into school.

    An assignment will only be accepted 1 week late and points will be deducted from the original grade earned!

    Not ALL assignments can be turned in late!
    • For example: If you do not turn in an assignment on the day that it's due and we go over the answers in class, you cannot turn in that assignment the next day because the answers were already given.

    If an assignment is not turned in on the day that it is due, you will receive a lunch detention for that day where you will have the opportunity to make up the assignment for partial credit.
    • After 3 lunch detentions (3 homework assignments not turned in), you will receive 1 after school detention.