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    3. CPE 4
    4. CPE 4 - Thoughts and questions on the TC Boyle short story "Chicxulub"
    5. College essay - Today I spoke with you about being academically selfish. I mean that in the most positive way possible. You have to "get yours" when it comes to building your life by being vigilant when it comes to maximizing opportunities. I am not talking about getting a scholarship (though that is always helpful), I am talking about getting everything out of the every day activities, like taking in what is going on in class, or rewriting your essay even though that's not considered cool. In both cases, you need to remember that the more you absorb, the more you make sure you have done your best, the better chance you have to open another door, create another opportunity. Try what I suggested in class; read your essay out loud and catch areas that can benefit from improvement, then rewrite those areas. The secret to writing is rewriting. Be good to yourself; rewrite your work. What do you think about being academically selfish and "getting yours"? Does that make sense to you? Tell us why....
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    7. PreAP 1 Utopia
    8. The Summer Essay - So you have put it off long enough; the time has come for you to get serious about this summer essay assignment. Sure, you might not love Arthur Miller, and you might not care about Willie Loman, but that won't get you out of this assignment. you've got to not only write it but write it well. How do you get psyched for an assignment you may not love? The answer is deceptively simple; find the common denominator between you and Willie Loman. Okay, you might not be an aging salesman, but this play isn't really about that, is it? Oh yeah, we're talking about theme. Theme is often the element of literature that reaches out to us, makes us think, or touches our heart. And the theme in "Death of a Salesman" definitely offers something for all of us. Latch onto that, and now you have something to write about. Willie is dealing with it (or not). So is Biff (or not). And so is his brother (or not) and his mother. Every character in the play has a take on this central theme. Who do you identify with in the play? Why? What does that suggest about your view of the theme? All of this is worth considering when working on this essay. What do you think?