Principles of Business

  • Welcome to Principles of Business!!!

    My Web Page will be updated each week with the objectives and concepts that we will be covering in class.  I will also post Power Point Slides, Handouts, Study Guides, Projects and other necessary documents and material throughout the year.  Be sure to check this page each week to make sure you are up to date.  This should also be the first place you look if you are absent from school!!

    Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have throughout the year.  My email is  

    Savings Test Friday, March 11th 2016. 
    I posted an updated review sheet below as well as the power point slides.

    Make sure to look over the posted PP Slides and Review Sheet under the Files Tab as I will continue to post slides throughout the unit.

    -->Make sure you are prepared with your notebooks and something to write with EVERYDAY.


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