Class Rules

  • 7 Simple Rules for Success

    1.   All members of this class are expected to show respect.

    -         The teacher will respect the students.

    -         The students will respect the teacher.

    -         The students will respect each other.


    2.  You are expected to conduct yourself in accordance with the Hackensack High School Code of Conduct.  This includes policies on the use of electronics, behavior, absences, lateness and dress code.


    3.   You will be responsible for checking the teacher’s School World page online for necessary class information and announcements.


    4.  You are responsible to be prepared for class with the following: a notebook, calculator and a pen or pencil.  Please Note: I do not lend pens, pencils or calculators. Failure to come to class prepared will negatively impact your participation grade as you will not be able to complete class assignments.


    5.   You are responsible to make up any work missed during absences from class.  Waived absences and field trips do not exempt you from the work.


    6.   Please no talking when I am talking.  Your attention is necessary for you to be successful in this course.


    7.   Your textbook must be appropriately covered at all times. You will be financially responsible for any damage to your textbook.


    I look forward to working with all of you this school year.  Please see me with any concerns, difficulties or special needs that may arise throughout the school year.  I am here to help you have a productive and successful experience in this class.