AP Music Theory

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    WELCOME BACK! The AP Music Theory class is second in a series of music theory classes designed to prepare the student for a career in music. We will be moving at a fast pace while learning about the many facets that make music happen....written (theory - notes, scales, chords, etc.), sight-singing (yes, you will sing on a regular basis in front of your peers during class) and ear-training (listening).

    Please come to each class prepared! You should have the text (covered using a brown paper bag), your chromebook, a pencil, a good eraser, manuscript paper (staff paper), a three-ringed binder, and earphones (ear buds are ok too!).

    We are currently reviewing chapter 1 of our text (Tonal Harmony by Kostka and Payne). Additional review/practice can be found by visiting www.musictheory.net

    I'm looking forward to a great (and productive) year!

    Mrs. MacVicar