Mrs. Kaminsky's Home Page

  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year ! 

    Google Classroom This school year all my curriculum and content information will be utilizing Google Classroom for many of the resources in each class. 

    Homework Assignments will be available by accessing the Google Calendar for your particular class. Just select your class page in Google Classroom and then click on the "About" tab to access the calendar.

    Syllabii and Class Procedures   will be contained in the Google Classroom drive for your specific course.

    EXTRA HELP -    I will be available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for extra help in Room 345  during 10th period.

    Most mornings arrive at 7:30 am and will be in Room 345 for any questions you may have on homework etc.  Please email if you want to meet me at this early time.

    You can always reach me through my email.


    If you are enrolled in the Honors or CP Geometry course, it is recommended that you purchase a Scientific calculator that simplifies radicals and fractions.  

    The model I have available is Casio fx-300es Plus.  

    (You can also use a Casio fx-115 es Plus )