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  • Creative Curriculum

    Our preschool program "Creative Curriculum" can help prepare your child for success. We must work together---at home and at school--- to help your child acquire the skills and attitudes needed to do well in school and throughout life. The most important goals of our curriculum focus on teaching children how to get along well with others and become motivated, curious learners.

    Our curriculum focuses on four very important areas of development:


    Social/Emotional:Children develop independence, self-confidence, and self-control. They learn to follow rules and routines;make new friends;work cooperatively in a group.

    Physical:Develop gross motor skills-(large muscles) running/jumping/throwing/balancing/etc... Develop fine motor (small muscles in their hands) to do tasks like buttoning/stringing/cutting/drawing/writing

    Cognitive: Students develop thinking skills and the ability to solve problems through inquiry. They use materials and their imagination in play. They learn to sort/classify/compare/count and make patterns.

    Language: Students develop communication skills by conversing and listening. They begin to understand the purpose of print, recognize letters and words and begin writing for a purpose. Literacy-The ability to communicate with others through speaking,listening, reading and writing is essential for success in school.

    Students will listen to stories being read. We will discuss stories. Students will learn new words and learn to express their ideas in sentences. Students will begin to get meaning from print.

    Early reading: Reading is about getting meaning from print. Readers know that written words convey messages. They understand how books work: turn pages/look at pictures/learn that stories have a beginning-middle-end. readers will see that words are made up of letters and letters represent sounds.

    Our students will begin to identify letters and their sounds. The letters in their names are very important. They will see their names written on everything-chairs, hooks, job chart etc... I will encourage them to write their names.

    We will explore sounds and develop phonological awareness.

    I have so many wonderful books to share. I will motivate my students to become good readers by reading to them daily.

    Through the organization of the classroom, selection of toys and materials and the many activities that are planned daily, we accomplish the goals of our curriculum.

    Students learn to feel secure and independent at school because we follow the same schedule daily. Children learn to move from one activity to another with confidence. Our day is filled with a variety of learning experiences.

    Upon visiting our classroom you may see a room full of children playing. You may wonder about how "play" can help children learn. As children play, I watch how they use materials. I listen. I talk with them to find out what they are thinking and attempting to do. I help them become aware of their actions and make suggestions. I challenge them to think further and continually develop their thinking skills. I plan activities and provide materials based on their interests. I encourage students to experiment and find answers to their own questions as they play.






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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.