Welcome to Mrs. Parisi's Artroom - Nellie K. Parker School

  • All of the students in the art classes from grades K through 4 are learning about the visual arts based on the 2014 New Jersey Student Learning Standards. 
    As the students continue their education in the visual arts they will attain increased knowledge and skills in the following areas:
    • The elements and principles of art.
    • The use of various media and techniques
    • Art history and the influence of various cultures on the visual arts.
    • The ability to say why they like a piece of art (aesthetics.)
    • The ability to say why they think an artist did or didn't do a good job when he/she created the piece of art (critique.)

    As your child explores the various artistic assignments we will do together, encourage him/her. Remember, we are bound only by the limits of our imagination. Let your child's imagination soar!

    Reminder: Make sure you know which day your child has art. You don't want their nice clothes to get ruined.

    If you have any questions you may contact me at 201-646-8020 or cparisi@hackensackschools.org