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  • Welcome to Ms. Dalie's Kindergarten Webpage!

    First and foremost, welcome to kindergarten! We are embarking on a wonderful year that will be full of learning, growing, and excitement. I hope you and your children are as excited as I am to being this school year. 

    This webpage is a work in progress and will be updated often. You will be able to find important notices and dates on this site, as well as what I hope to be useful resources to help advance the learning of your kindergartener. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    A little bit about myself, my teaching philosophy centers around my belief that all children can learn.  If a child is having difficulties it is my responsibility to adapt my teaching. No child is incapable of learning. Children are very complex and may not always be able to express themselves, making the learning process difficult and sometimes frustrating. 
    Classrooms at all levels, but especially at the elementary level, should be student centered. Teaching should begin with the students. I believe lessons and teaching should be instructed in a way that students can connect with the topics and relate to them. Children will be able to learn how to work both with their peers and independently. 
    Since classrooms can consist of children working on many different levels it is important that I differentiate instruction so that all students can believe they are capable. Instruction should be made interactive so all students can participate, no matter their ability level. 
    Not all children learn in the same way, some students are visual learners while others are audio learners and others can be kinesthetic learners. Learning is a multi-sensory process and should be taught in such a way. It is very important as an educator to always remember this and incorporate different techniques to teach material, thus enabling all children to progress and benefit. Learning is most successful for children when parents and teachers work together. I believe there should be an open line of communication between teachers and parents at all time.
    Homework is a way for teachers to see which students understand concepts that have been taught and which students may need extra practice. I believe that homework should be completed independently, with assistance from adults. Please work with your child to complete their assignments but all them to create their own work. Homework is also a way for parents to be aware what skills their children are learning. I believe that homework should reinforce topics we are working on in class. Homework is not a time where I would introduce new topics to students.
    With everything I have learned, both in my own education and through work experience, I understand the importance of creating a classroom environment where all children can feel safe and comfortable. Such an environment is important for all students to grow. My goal is to create such an environment in my classroom. 

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