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  • Dear Parents,
    I am looking forward to a fantastic year of teaching your child to enjoy and appreciate art. Efforts will be made to correlate art lessons with the academic core curriculum. We will look at and talk about major works/styles of art, as well as create our own masterpieces using the elements and principles of design. We will study various artists, art styles and cultures from around the world. Student artwork will be displayed throughout the school.

    One of my goals is to teach my students to respect art. Appreciating art begins with their own art. Each time that I send home artwork, please take a few minutes to talk about it with your child.

    On the first day of school I discussed the rules of the art room. They are posted in the art room. Your child is expected to follow the rules and treat the art room with respect.

    All artwork is graded and expected to be completed. I will be glad to stay after school to help your child complete unfinished artwork. Your child must let me know at least one day in advance.

    If you are worried about your child's clothes getting soiled, please have your child bring an old shirt or smock to school on art days.

    Students participate in many art contests and shows throughout the year. Two of the art shows are held in the month of March, Youth Art Month. Not every student can participate in the art shows because of limited space. If your child is chosen, you will be notified.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. The best way is by e-mail.

    Thank you,