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    I am excited to be teaching here at the High School this year. For the past eight years, I have been a teacher of English/Language Arts to eighth graders in the Middle School. Prior to teaching in the Hackensack School District, I was a teacher of English/Language Arts in the New York City Public School System since 1986. I will be teaching CP4  English classes for the 2016-2017 school year.

    I trust that this will be a fruitful and productive school year where the students will enjoy academic success in every area of their academic life. 

    The following is a brief outline of my goals and expectations for each of my students:


    ALL homework assignments will be posted electronically, via Every student is expected to access this website in order to know the assignment for the day. Students may use the computers located throughout the building, the Johnson Public Library, home, or any computer that is accessible, to obtain the assignment for the day. It is the student's responsibility to check my homework web page daily  for homework, or missed assignments,  in the case of absence. Missed homework assignments may result in a lowered GPA (grade point average) for the academic year.

    All writing assignments will be posted on my website along with the criteria, rubric, and other requirements.

    Students will be reading selected novels and Shakespearean texts as part of the curriculum. CP4 students will be writing effective college essays in preparation for the college application process. 

    Each student has received a copy of the syllabus and is expected to adhere closely to the standards and guidelines set forth in this document.

    Students will be writing essays and uploading them to the following website: This website will determine the strength of each student paper as well as assess originality by reporting on how much of the paper (if any) has been plagiarized.  Essay writing is an important component of the curriculum that teaches a skill that every graduate must master.

    I may be contacted at the following e-mail address should you or your child have any questions or concerns:

    I look forward to having an exciting, enlightening, and productive school year!

    Yours, in education,

    Mrs. Eleanor Bradley

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