Hackensack High School Library Media Center

  • Welcome to the new HHS Library Media Center website.

    I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way.

    I am hoping this will be a resource frequently utilized by students and staff.  Don't forget the HHS Media Center page that is linked on the school main page (that you see when you click Internet Explorer).  Click the HHS Media Center link in the yellow boxes on the left side of the page and explore!  Our catalog is linked there as well as important databases that will be helpful to you (click Other Links for them).

    NEW BOOKS!!    We have a bunch of new books, fiction and non-fiction, in the school library.  Many of them are on display on the table in the front of the library by the 900s section and also on the large book truck behind the circulation desk.  Check them out....and then check some out!

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