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Presenting our 2023-2024 Governor's Educator of the Year Nominees!

🎉 Celebrating Excellence in Education! 🎉

At last night’s Board of Education Meeting we recognized the outstanding dedication and commitment of our educators and staff members.

We are thrilled to announce this year's nominees for the Governor's Educator of the Year award, which include a teacher and educational services professional from each of our schools:

  • Hackensack High School: 

    • Caseen Gaines, Teacher

    • Kara Ferrazano, Guidance Counselor

  • Hackensack Middle School:

    • Dee Kalman, Teacher

    • Jackie Bradley, Para Educator

  • Fairmount Elementary School:

    • Alissa Frascatore, Teacher

    • Maria Burack, Para Educator

  • Nellie K. Parker Elementary School:

    • Anthony Bennett, Teacher

    • Laura Mujica, Para Educator

  • Fanny M. Hillers Elementary School:

    • Carmela Zuccaro, Teacher

    • Rosa Saccomanno, Para Educator

  • Jackson Avenue Elementary School:

    • Titia Lomax, Teacher

    • Linda Piro, Para Educator

  • Early Childhood Development Center:

    • Domenica D’Angelo, Teacher

    • Laura McBride, PIRT Specialist

In addition to honoring our educators and educational services professionals, we also had the privilege of recognizing Barjam Kapllani, Head Custodian of Hackensack Middle School, for his exceptional service and dedication. Barjam, your hard work and commitment to our school community do not go unnoticed. We are proud to present you with the "SOAR" award, which symbolizes your outstanding contributions and commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to all the nominees and award recipients! Your passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment truly make a difference in the lives of our students and the success of our schools.

Enjoy our compilation video: