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Hackensack Public Schools Awarded 189,000 to Expand Preschool Program

Hackensack Schools celebrated the opening of a new, full-day, Pre-Kindergarten class today, Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:50 a.m. as a result of additional funding received from the State of New Jersey Department of Early Childhood Education. Through the Preschool Education Expansion Aid Grant, the district is now able to provide one more full-time Pre-Kindergarten class. Fifteen additional students and their families will benefit from the expansion. Hackensack Schools’ Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) is located at 100 South Main Street, Hackensack.

The district applied for the grant, which was offered in August 2017. “After we prepared a plan for the Preschool expansion, the State approved the district’s proposal, and awarded Hackensack Schools with $189,866 of additional funding,” Superintendent of Schools Rosemary Marks explained. This funding enabled school officials to provide another additional Preschool teaching position. The program features Dual Language Instruction so that all students will develop a foundation to become bi-lingual, making them competitive for a global economy.

“Our goal is to increase access to early childhood education in our community and provide more and more Hackensack children with rich learning experiences.  We believe that increased access to Preschool will help to better equip our students with skills that will translate into the ability to interact successfully in the world and ultimately support students in being career and future ready," Superintendent Marks stated.

The Pre-School class will serve four-year-olds, helping them to develop reading readiness, math, writing, science, social studies, and social skills. An extensive children’s library with books in both English and Spanish will be housed in the classroom, along with updated technology to prepare students for Kindergarten. According to the NECTAC Clearinghouse on Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education, in recent years, research on young children’s early brain development has underscored its importance for later development.

Recognizing the Preschool expansion as an additional opportunity for Hackensack families, The District’s Curriculum Director, Dr. Lauren Kazmark, said, “Early childhood education is a vital first step in our students’ learning, and it is something that we continue to prioritize.”