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Special presentation of Hidden in Plain Sight (Jan 29)

Parents and guardians of Hackensack students are invited to attend a special presentation of the highly acclaimed program, Hidden In Plain Sight, on the evening of January 29th at Hackensack High School at 6:30 PM. The event is being hosted by the Hackensack Public School District in conjunction with the Bergen County Prevention Coalition. This meeting is for parents only.
Hidden In Plain Sight is an opportunity for parents, teachers and others who work with children to experience and explore the environment of a child and learn to spot signs of possible substance use and risky behavior. The purpose of the program is to help parents and other adults see the environment with new eyes, to see the warning signs that may be obvious once they are pointed out, and then help them have a conversation with the child to stop dangerous behaviors before the worst happens. We are advocates for all children and cannot be trapped in the mantra of “Not my kid” when it comes to the influences placed upon them in this ever-changing world.