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HHS Spanish National Honor Society Participate in TEEM Workshop

The Hackensack High School Spanish Honor Society members participated in a TEEEM workshop alongside other schools in the Bergen County area. The goal of the partnership is to help communities around the World. There were many students, guest  speakers, sponsors and supporters.

Among the speakers were Joseph Matara who spoke about his experience of growing up in Kenya, and Mame Dabo who also spoke about her experience growing up in Senegal as well as Lawrence Inserra who is the Fundraiser Coordinator . Also, they had the presence of  Graduate students at the Columbia University, former Miss Africa, Georgie Badiel Liberty from Burkinabé who is a high-fashion model and has appeared on runways for designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta,etc. Badiel was Miss Burkina Faso in 2003 and Miss Africa 2005. She is also an author and an activist who has taken on the issue of the lack of accessible drinking water in her West African homeland. Please, take a minute to watch this powerful 3 minute video "giving water is giving life"  - "Giving Water is Giving Life"