Do I have to enter an Absence request in Aesop for an approved in-house Professional Development eve

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It depends; however, in general staff members should always coordinate with their administrator to determine the proper steps as outlined below.
  • ALL PD requests must be approved by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction specifying the participants and the coverage needed, if any.
  • If a single staff member will be participating then (s)he is required to enter the request into Aesop if it requires substitute coverage. The staff member will enter the PD absence request in Aesop and specify whether coverage is needed for a Full Day, Half Day AM, or Half Day PM.
  • If multiple staff members are requesting the same in-house PD day, then one PD form can be submitted with ALL participants listed on an attached sheet.
    • If they each require a substitute for the full day then each teacher must enter a PD absence request in Aesop once they receive approval from R. Corrado
    • If they will be sharing the substitutes then the main office must create a Vacancy and specify the number of substitutes needed.