PreK Press Release

Hackensack Public Schools receives an additional $645,827 in Preschool Education Expansion Aid (PEEA)

As part of Governor Phil Murphy’s Preschool Education Expansion Program, Hackensack Public Schools will be getting an additional $645,827 in Preschool Education Expansion Aid (PEEA).  Since first applying for Preschool Education Expansion Aid in August 2017, Hackensack Schools have been able to increase full-day preschool from six full-day classes, to a total of twelve full-day classes for the 2018/2019 school year.  The additional aid and grant requirements also provide for a Master Teacher and a Preschool Intervention and Referral Specialist to support the preschool program and individual student needs. 

 The benefits of a quality early childhood program provide students with a much-needed head start in literacy and school readiness skills that are essential to helping students reach their full potential. Education studies consistently show the benefits of full-day early childhood programs, with helping students develop socialization and cooperation skills, preprimary literacy, and enthusiasm for learning. 

 In addition to the substantial increase in full-day preschool classes, the PEEA aid means an additional fifty students now have access to pre-school.  Rosemary Marks, Superintendent of Schools,  stated, “The commitment to preschool expansion is an investment in the future and provides for increased inclusion opportunities, as well as greater access and equity for all children.”