• Dear Parents/Guardians,


    My name is Katarzyna Ferrone and I am a Preschool Intervention and Referral Team Specialist employed by the Hackensack Public School District to support general education preschool program.


    My primary role is to provide support to teachers so that all preschool children can succeed within the general education classroom. My support includes, but is not limited to, providing strategies for classroom staff in supporting children exhibiting difficulties as indicated through the screening process, assessment, and classroom observations, modeling strategies in the classroom when appropriate, as well as providing consultation to classroom staff and parents/guardians.


    I encourage you to speak with your child’s preschool teacher regarding any concerns you may have regarding your child’s development and/or learning. I also would like you to know that you can reach out to me for consultation and support.  


    Wishing you a successful school year!




    Katarzyna (Kasia) Ferrone

    Preschool Intervention and Referral Team Specialist


    Hackensack Public Schools