Student Information Services

  • Juleen S. Burke
    Systems Information Coordinator


    Proof of Enrollment Letters

    Proof of enrollment letters for current students are given at the school-level.  Please contact the main office of your child's school to obtain enrollment letters.  Please note, to obtain these letters, parents/guardians are first required to provide to the schools a copy of the letter of request for proof of enrollment from an authorized individual/organization (i.e. tax preparer, government agency, employer, etc).


    Charter School Enrollment

    If you are a resident of Hackensack and your child is accepted into a charter school, the parent/guardian must then enroll their child in Hackensack Public Schools.  Parents/guardians may register online or print and complete our enrollment forms and return them to your child's home school. Upon receipt of all enrollment forms,  supporting documentation, and the official acceptance letter from the charter school, you will receive an NJ A-41 Transfer Card to submit to your respective charter school.


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