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    The following are homework routines that will begin in late September.



    Mondays-- A page will come home to practice the letters/sounds of the week and handwriting. Stapled to the sheet will be the week's sight words. Your child should remove the words, cut them apart, and practice them nightly, along with the previous weeks' words in the folder baggie. They should be kept in the baggie at all times for safe keeping. 

    Tuesdays-- My Word Book will come home as practice to draw, color, and write the words for the assigned letter/sound that has been taught. They should "read" the words to match the four pictures on the left, color them, and then draw and color four more, different pictures. They will then write the sounds they hear to name the pictures; perfect spelling is not wanted! The child should write only the sounds that they hear, even if it is only a beginning and an ending sound. 

    Wednesdays-- The Sight Word Binder will come home for practice with the week's words. Students will need to write the words, color them, (so as to pay attention to the letters), find/circle them, and cut/fix/glue the letters from the bottom of the page to make the word. 

    Thursdays-- Students will bring home two double-sided math pages as a review of the week's math lessons. 


    Students will need to practice reading, writing, and spelling their sight words. It will also help to ask them to tell sentences using the words. If that is difficult for them, give them an example and have them make one similiar to yours. 


    Sight Word Song Videos: 

    You can find some of our sight word songs online! We often use Heidi Songs for sight words. Below is a sample for the word "the;" then you can search for others. We also use Miss Molly's Sight Word Songs. Below are links for the word "this" and "you." There are others to find for extra help at home. 

    Heidi Sight Word Song: the

    Miss Molly's Sight Word Song: this

    Miss Molly's Sight Word Song: you


     Words for the Week:



    Letters/Sounds of the Week

    Each week we focus on learning two or three letters and their sounds through our new program, Wilson FUNdations. We will use the letter sounds to read and write early words. Your child should be able to hear the sound at the beginning of words and tell you which words do/do not begin with that sound. For example: mat, fan, mitt, mop, can, ball...Does "mat" begin with the sound /mmm/? Does "fan" begin with the sound /mmm/? What sound does "fan" begin with? What letter makes that sound?



     Helpful Hints: When you and your child are saying the lettersounds, be careful to "cut off the /uuuu/ sound." Many people say that c, for example, says /cu/ which puts an extra sound in when sounding out /c/a/t/---it would become /cu/a/t/. So as we tell the students, watch your UUUUs :)

     Pencil grip is SO important in developing as a writer! Children who never develop a proper pencil grip tend to have quicker hand muscle fatigue, poor handwriting, and less enjoyment of school tasks. Please encourage and work with your child to "pinch" their pencil or "use their three fingers to make the duck quack" --as soon as you say that, they will know exactly what you're talking about! :) Please look into the link below for interesting and helpful info!

    correct pencil grip






























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