Lillian Whitaker

  • Lillian Whitaker
    Nellie K Parker School

    Welcome to Nellie K. Parker School, “The School With Tomorrow in Sight!”  Nellie K. Parker Elementary School is a dynamic institution where many children begin the threshold of one the greatest adventures of their lives.  At Nellie K. Parker School, children are guaranteed positive learning experiences and receive a solid foundation for becoming productive citizens.  The extraordinary staff members take their responsibilities seriously and diligently strive to use a highly individualized approach to meet the particular needs of all children.   In support of this philosophy, the teachers work hard to differentiate lessons to maximize learning for all students. We believe that it is our job to intellectually challenge all children and motivate them to do their best. We are determined to do whatever we can do to make sure our children learn while providing opportunities for them to reach their highest potential.

    “Coming together is the BEGINNING.
    Staying together is a PROCESS.
    Working together is SUCCESS.
                                            Henry Ford

    Nellie K. Parker School is a place where parents are always welcomed and encouraged to take a vested interest in the education of their children.  The teachers, parents, and administrators work collaboratively to ensure that all children soar to higher heights.  We are committed to creating a strong learning community –a school where children and adults feel accepted, connected and valued.

    Lillian Whitaker, Principal