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  • Image result for cute teacher clip artWelcome to Mrs. Mangano's Kindergarten!

    There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s growth and development.  This very important year promises to be one filled with discovery and joy as your child works and plays in an environment that is warm, safe, and challenging.

    Your child is special, rare, and unique.  I want them to LOVE  Kindergarten and come away with positive memories for a lifetime.  They should be happy, feel good about themselves and school, and work cooperatively with others.  I want them to have a love of books and a desire to read for entertainment, as well as to learn new information.  To achieve these goals, I need your support and understanding.

    I am so looking forward to our working together to make this a most successful school year!  Please feel free to contact me at school, should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your child‘s kindergarten experience.



    School begins at 8:25 a.m. Kindergarten students need to be dropped off by the parking lot side of the building; where they will wait in a line for me to greet them. I will walk them to our classroom in an orderly fashion. Parents should drop off their students at the school door, saying any “good-byes” there! This helps the child develop independence and an understanding that school is their “job” and the classroom duties (putting away their backpack, handing in homework folders, etc.) are their own responsibility (not that of the parent). We want to foster independence and an “I Can Do It” attitude.



    All students will be dismissed at 2:50 p.m. by the kindergarten door, in an orderly fashion. It is very important that you pick your child up on time. Children who are not picked up on time are escorted to the main office where parents must go and sign for their child. Often children will become worried if they are not picked up at the scheduled time. Please keep in mind that children will only be released to those persons designated on the emergency card filed in the office. Please keep this card up to date! If you need to make alternative arrangements for your child to get home (i.e. your child will be playing at a classmate’s house, etc.) a written note must be sent into school on that morning giving the school your permission to do so. A phone call to the office is also acceptable.



    Free breakfast is available for your child every morning from 8:25-8:45 am (please keep in mind that the program usually does not start until the second or third week of school). The lunch menu will also list the breakfast menu for the month.


    Nut Free School

    This year we have students in our Kindergarten class with severe allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts.  Because of the seriousness of this allergy, we are asking you to refrain from sending peanut or tree nut products to school for lunch, snacks, or class parties.  Due to shared computer equipment and art supplies in the classroom, as well as the ease with which food residue is transferred from one student to the other, we would like to keep our classroom “nut-free.”

    Our goal is to make school a safe place for all of our students.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

    Lunch & Money:

    The cost of school lunch is $13.75 per week ($2.75 per day). Your child will have several choices each day (please review the lunch calendar) to choose from every day or you may send lunch from home. You can send a check for lunch money directly to the main office or you can pay online using (the online system is a great way to keep track of your child’s lunch account and all payments) this eliminates having to send money with your child.

    Never rely on your child to hand me lunch money; always put money in a sealed envelope or Ziploc bag with your child's name, date, and purpose for the money. Place the envelope in your child's homework folder. Please keep in mind that my attention must be directed at the students; therefore, I cannot collect money, or make change while I am greeting my students.

    All students will pay full price for lunch until they are approved for free or reduced lunch. A new lunch menu/calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month; please review the lunch menu and options with your child at home (the latest lunch menu is also posted on the school website). Your child will make their lunch selections in our classroom. It is important that they know what they are having; whether it is hot lunch, swap out, yogurt bag,  sunbutter & jelly or bringing lunch from home.

    Lunch and breakfast menus can be found here.

    All students must pay the full price for lunch until they are approved for free or reduced lunch!! Applications are available in the main office; for your convenience applications can also be filled out online in the GENESIS Parent Portal under the Forms tab.  You can also download this year's application here.

    You can make lunch payments online by registering for an account at (you will need your child's school-issued id number which can be found on your child's homework folder or the kindergarten handbook distributed at back to school night.)  MySchoolBucks also has apps available for download in the app store.  Information on MySchoolBucks can be found here.  The online system is a great way to keep track of your child's lunch account and all payments.  Any money you load onto your child's lunch account stays in their account!



    We will go outside every day weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.



    Snack time is at 1:00 p.m. Please keep in mind that the school does not provide snacks for the students, therefore it is important that you send a small healthy snack for your child. No chips, candy, or chocolate allowed for snack time!

    Snack ideas:

    • Fresh fruit
    • Whole grain crackers 
    • Whole grain cereal
    • Cheese sticks
    • Yogurt
    • Pretzel sticks
    • Whole grain muffin
    • Applesauce
    • Carrot sticks
    • Celery Sticks