Mrs. Kim's Kindergarten Class



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    Welcome to one of the most important milestones of your child's life! 

    Kindergarten is an exciting time as your children will embark upon

    new adventures in the world of learning.

    They will take their first step towards understanding the world around them

    and try to figure out what everything means.

    During Kindergarten, your child will grow, explore, experiment,

    communicate with their peers, and learn to solve problems.

    They will learn about letters & sounds and learn to read.

    They will begin to ask and answer questions about the books they read.

    They will write stories and learn to express themselves.

    Your child will become mathematicians as they learn to count, add, and subtract!

    They will learn about different cultures, become mini-scientists and

    engage in many more learning opportunities!

    I am excited that I will be a part of your child's learning experience this year. 

    My goal is to instill the love of learning that will last throughout your child's life of schooling.

    Let's take a step forward together, as we celebrate your child's successes in Kindergarten! 





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