• Welcome to 4th Grade Science!


    Fourth graders at Nellie K. Parker School have science lessons twice per week. One of the lessons is held in the Science Lab where students engage in hand on activities, experiments, and investigations with their classmates.  The 4th grade science curriculum covers the following areas of the Science NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards:


    -        Scientific Processes

    -        Mathematical Applications

    -        Technology

    -        Science and Society

    -        Living Things

    -        Diversity and Biological Evolution

    -        Reproduction and Heredity

    -        Body Systems

    -        Chemistry

    -        Forces and Motion

    -        Energy

    -        Earth Science

    -        Astronomy and Space Science

    -        Environmental Science


    Fourth graders will take the NJ ASK Science Test on May 11, 2012.  The NJ ASK Science test assesses skills and knowledge that students acquire from kindergarten through grade four and that they will need as prerequisites for learning in later grades.


    On May 3, 2012 NKP 4th graders will participate in the annual Science Quiz Bowl.  Students have Quiz Bowl packets to study in order to prepare for the event.  Please use the link below to view the entire Quiz Bowl Packet.   

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