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    • Mission Statement: The Fanny M. Hillers School Community believes that every child is unique and capable of reaching the highest standards of academic and social success. Our Mission is to achieve the standards in leadership, staff development, curriculum, instruction, school climate, community support, and student achievement. This will serve as both the blueprint for our improvement efforts and provide the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.


    • History of Fanny Meyer Hillers: In February 1926, the Hackensack Board of Education added a new school in the residential area known as “The Hill”. The land was purchased from Mr. Frederick Jacobson. Mr. Lawrence Licht, architect, was authorized to design the school which was erected on May 21, 1927. The doors officially opened on December 13, 1927.
    A ten-room addition was added to the school in 1949. At this time the school was known as Longview Avenue School or School #7. In 1950, the name was officially changed to Fanny Meyer Hillers School, memorializing Ms. Hillers, an educator who devoted forty-one years of service to the Hackensack public school system.
    Fanny Meyer Hillers was a kindergarten teacher for many of  her years as an educator.  Ms. Hillers put her energy and time into caring for the education of young children. As her passion was reading, most of her emphasis was on this discipline. Ms. Hillers was committed to her students and continually encouraged them throughout their years in school. She was said to be a kind, sincere and patient woman. Ms. Hillers was also known to be very personable and go above and beyond for any of her students. After a courageous battle with cancer for many years, she passed away in 1951. Ms. Hillers’ legacy as a great and compassionate educator  will always be remembered.   
    In 1971, Fanny Meyer Hillers School added a sizable addition, adding classrooms and cafeteria space to accommodate increased enrollment. In 2001, a six-room addition was completed.  The addition extends out onto the playground and includes an elevator for handicapped access.  Presently, the school houses almost 600 students from grades Kindergarten through Grade 4.
    Over its ninety-year history, Fanny Meyer Hillers School has had many exemplary  leaders and educators. The school’s current principal is Dr. Judy Soto. Mrs. Adi Madden is now Assistant Principal.  Hillers School continues to educate children to be stellar students.  Hillers is a beacon of  light and hope, both to the students who attend, their families and the community at large.  All are proud to help celebrate the 90th birthday of such a distinguished hall of learning.
    May 2017


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