Mr. Tosuni's Building Trades

  • Building Trades I

    This course is designed to enable students to become acquainted with and experience the basic fundamentals of carpentry and cabinetmaking.  Concentrated study will be made in the funamendal use of hand tools, portable power tools and stationary power machinery.  The sutdents will make selected projects which will asssure the propuer use of all skills taught.   The demonstration of safe use of all tools is esamined through writen assessment as well as though tool use.  T

    he course is made up of several critical elements of woodworking includent but not limited to: the understanding of forestry and the timber industry, use of woodworking tools, basic understanding of woodworking  plans, project layout, fabrication, project assembly and the many different finishing methods and products. 


    Building Trades II, III, & Independent Study

    These advanced woodworking courses concentrate on hight skills and the demanding aspects of finish carpentry and cabinetmaking  Units of work will include project planing, reading projects drawrings, manufacutring, jointery, assembly, and finishing.  These courses will also include advanced woodworking techniques such as wood carvings, truning, and inlays,  Students will demonstrate a mastery of the skills and techniques taught thoughout the year by completing one or more projects of their own selection.