Hackensack High School Scholarships - THIS PAGE IS UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS!!!!!



    Due in Guidance               Scholarship                                                      Criteria

    Various                            African American Scholarships                                Various Links

    Various                            Latino College Dollars                                            Various Links

    Various                            Fast Web                                                           Various Links

    Various                            Scholarships for Dreamers                                     Various Links

    Various                            Scholarships that don't require citizenship or Legal Permanent Residency

    Various                            RaiseMe                                                             All seniors

    Nov. 15                           Elks National Foundation, Inc.                                 Scholarship, leadership, need

    Dec. 19                           Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.                                    Minimum 2.5GPA, leadership

    Jan.  9                            US JCI Senate Scholarship                                      Leadership, grades

    Jan. 11                            NJ Relocation Council                                            HHS student who relocated during high school more than 50 miles

    Jan. 11                            Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.                             African American senior, 3.0GPA or better (if lower, student must demonstrate potential and commitment), academic achievement

    Feb. 1                             Hackensack HS French Club                                   Member of the French Club, attends meetings

    Feb. 28                           Frank Lichtenberger Scholarship                              Maywood Resident grades activities

    Feb. 28                           NJ Schoolwomen's Scholarship                                Female majoring in Education

    Feb. 28                           Foster and Adoptive Family Services                        Students who have had any experience with New Jersey’s Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS), whether foster care, KLG or adoption.

    Feb. 28                           NJACAC                                                              Senior attending a 2 or 4 year college/university

    Feb. 28                           Mickey Corcoran Scholarship                                  Senior athlete

    Feb. 28                           Junior League of Bergen County                              Volunteerism

    March 15                         Community Foundation of New Jersey                      See scholarships

    March 20                         American Society of Civil Engineers                         Senior who plans to pursue a civil engineering degree

    March 20                         Wilbert F. Coleman Memorial                                   HHS senior

    March 20                         Fairmount School PTA Scholarship                           Fairmount School graduate

    March 20                         Fanny Meyer Hillers Scholarship                              Fanny Meyer Hillers graduate

    March 20                         APCF Scholarships                                               Please refer to the different scholarships for criteria

    March 20                         Hackensack Troast Club                                       Varsity Letter Athlete

    March 20                         Jackson Avenue School PTA Scholarship                  Jackson Avenue School graduate

    March 28                        Carl Padovano Memorial Scholarship                         2.0GPA or higher, top 20-25% of your class, Math/Verbal SAT scores combined must be 800 or higher

    March 28                        The Woman's Club of Maywood                               Maywood seniors

    March 28                        PTA President's Council Scholarship                         HHS Senior, grades, activities

    March 28                        Family Dental Associates                                       3.0GPA, good academic standing

    March 28                        Simionescu Scholarship                                         HHS senior, activities, grades, need

    March 28                        Nellie K. Parker School Scholarship                          Graduate of Nellie K. Parker

    March 28                        Hackensack Rotary Club                                        Hackensack resident, service, need

    March 28                        National Association of Water Companies                  Pursuing a degree at a NJ college, minimum 3.0GPA, please see list of majors on application

    March 28                        Alliance of Private Special Education Schools            Senior with a disability pursuing any post secondary training, education or other opportunities

    March 28                        Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated                 African-American senior attending a 2 or 4 year college, minimum 3.0GPA 

    March 28                        UNICO National Hackensack Chapter                        Candidate must reside in the Hackensack School District, parent or grandparent of Italian origin

    March 28                        VNA Nurse Association                                          Senior enrolled in 2019 Fall Semester of accredited School of Nursing BSN Program

    March 28                        Teaneck and Englewood and Vicinity Club                 African American senior, see criteria

    March 28                        National Council of Jewish Women                           A member of the Jewish Faith

    March 28                        Paramus Sports and Medical Rehabilitation Center      Senior majoring in the medical field, 3.5GPA or higher

    March 28                        Hackensack High School PTSA                                HHS senior (if you cannot type the information, it is okay)

    March 28                        Builders Assocation of Northern NJ                          Senior planning to pursue a career in the building industry

    April 10                          American Legion Post 170                                      Rochelle Park resident, descendant of Post 170

    April 10                          Hackensack Jr Wrestling Scholarship                        Please see the criteria

    April 10                          The Peggy Liosi HEF Scholarship                             Minimum of three years participating in the Arts at HHS, pursuing a career in the Arts

    April 10                          Hack. Ass. of Office Professionals                           Min "C" average, attending college or business school and pursuing a career in the secretarial or business field

    April 10                          Hackensack Blue and Gold Scholarship                     C average, HHS student, financial need

    April 10                          The Ron Vellekamp Environmental Scholarship           Majoring or minoring in one of the natural sciences or other appropriate subject, personal commitment to the environment

    April 10                          Audrey Koran DI/Performing Arts Scholarship             HHS senior that participated in Destination Imagination and/or plans for further their career in the Performing Arts

    April 10                          200 Club Scholarship                                            Child/stepchild of an active retired or deceased Bergen County law enforcement offericer, fire fighter or ambulance corps member-see scholarship

    April 10                          Bergen County Principal and Supervisors Assocation   Senior whose parent is a 2018/2019 member of BCPSA in good standing

    April 10                          The Council of Irish Associations                             High school senior

    April 10                          Bergen County Council of PTA                                Leadership, character and community service

    April 10                          Jamaican Organization of NJ                                   Jamaican descent, Bergen County resident, 3.0GPA or higher 

    April 10                          Bergen County Curriculum Consortium Scholarship      Senior attending a two or four year university/college

    April 26                          MDL Scholarship                                                  Academic achievement, test scores, community service

    April 26                          Hackensack Chamber of Commerce                         2.0GPA, attending an accredite post secondary education institution, community service

    April 26                          Rochelle Park Education Association Scholarship        Graduate of Midland School

    April 26                          HHS Theater Arts Program Scholarship                    2.5GPA or higher, must be part of the Arts Program for at least two years and majoring in the performing arts

    April 26                          Urban League- Bergen Community College                Minority senior attending Bergen Community College

    April 26                          Urban League- William E. Brown                             Minority, good standing, grades, activities, service

    April 26                          Urban League- PNC Bank Scholarship                      Minority, good standing, grades, activities, service

    April 26                          Urban League- General                                         Minority, good standing, grades, activities, service

    April 26                          Brett Taylor Scholarship                                       Varsity Letter Winner in Track

    April 26                          Model United Nations Merit Scholarship                   Active Model UN member, not failing any classes

    April 26                          Academic Decathlon Scholarship                            Active Ac Dec member, not failing any classes

    April 26                          Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.                             Minority male

    April 26                          Armenian Relief Society                                        Armenian descent students

    April 26                          The Jessie Banks Foundation                                 Minimum 3.0 GPA, community service

    April 26                          Marine Trades Scholarship                                    Students interested in the boating industry

    April 26                          Maywood Fire Police                                            Maywood resident, son/grandson or daughter/granddaughter of a member of the Maywood Fire Police

    April 26                          HHS Student Council Scholarship                            Applicants of HHS Student Council, can't be failing any classes

    April 26                          Maywood Rotary                                                 Maywood resident, grades, volunteerism

    April 26                          James and Paul Hackbarth Scholarship                     Maywood resident, grades, resume

    April 26                          Earl L. Estwick Sr. Trailblazer Memorial Fund             B+ average, financial need, two years of community service or participation in an organized youth program such as scouts

    April 26                          BANNJ Scholarship                                               Senior intending to pursue a career in the home building industry but not limited to engineering, architecture, design, etc.

    April 26                          Friends of Majestic Lodge #153                              African American senior, minimum 2.8 GPA

    April 30                          Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner                        2.5GPA, Acceptance letter to Bergen Community College

    April 30                          Maywood Police Officer's Assoc                              Maywood resident "B" average

    April 30                          Englewood Sports Medicine Scholarship                    Majoring in Athletic Training or a Physical Therapy doctorate program

    April 30                          Comet Friendship Scholarship                                 HHS female senior, minimum 2.5GPA

    April 30                          Hackensack Middle School PTA                               Middle school graduate

    April 30                          FBLA Scholarship                                                 Must be a member of FBLA for at least 1 year

    April 30                          Hackensack Firefighters/Fireofficers                        Seniors, Hackensack resident, looking to future serve the community


    April 30                          Greater Alliance Hopes and Dreams/Jerry D'Ambrosio  HHS senior

    April 30                          Greater Alliance Hopes and Dreams Foundation for Children HHS senior with outstanding character

    April 30                          AIA Architects League of Northern NJ                     Pursuing a degree in architecture from a NAAB accredited architecture program

    April 30                          The Lozius Brevil Goin Green Club Scholarship           Goin Green member for a minimum of 2 years, see other criteria

    April 30                          The Keith Hightower Foundation of NJ                     Participated in math or science competitions or completed independent scientific research

    April 30                          Education Association of South Hackensack             Graduate of Memorial School

    April 30                          Maywood Education Association                             Maywood Avenue School graduate

    April 30                          Hackensack Track and Field                                  Must have completed four seasons of cross country, indoor or outdoor track 

    May 10                          Hackensack Schoolmasters' Scholarship                  Senior majoring in Education

    May 10                          Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship                          African American student 

    May 10                          Team Ashley Scholarship                                      Min 2.75GPA, not failing any current classes

    May 10                          Maurice "Mo" Dunn Scholarship                              Student athlete

    May 10                          The Califano Art Scholarship                                 HHS Art student planning to major in Fine Arts education at a 4 yr university or Art School

    May 10                          Italian Club                                                        Member of the Italian Club                                                        

    May 10                          Varsity "H" Club                                                  Varsity letter athlete                                   

    May 10                          Hackensack Jr. Soccer Association                         Played 2 yrs of HHS soccer and/or played rec or travel

    May 10                          Barry Vasios Memorial Scholarship                          HHS senior planning on attending an Ivy League University or Rutgers University

    May 10                          The Columbians Scholarship                                  Italian American senior, outstanding scholastic performance and financial need

    May 10                          HHS Power Mechanics Golden Wrench Tool Scholarship HHS Power Mechanics student

    May 10                          Disabled American Vetaran Department of NJ            Natural/adopted descendant of a member of the Disabled American Dept. of NJ

    May 10                          Hackensack Woman's Club                                    Hackensack resident, female, volunteerism, leadership

    May 10                          Bill Farnan Scholarship                                         Majoring in Design, see scholarship

    May 10                          New Mercy Community Church Scholarship               Minimum 2.5GPA, Hackensack resident, attended Hackensack High School for at least two years

    May 10                          Hackensack Athletic Alumni                                   HHS senior athlete

    May 15                          Hackensack HS Boys Alumni Soccer                        Boys varsity soccer player                      

    May 15                          Hackensack Medical Club                                      Med Club member, majoring in health related field

    May 15                          HHS Culinary Scholarship                                      Participated in our culinary program

    May 15                          Freddie Prise P.B.A. Local #9                                Senior majoring in Criminal Justice

    May 15                          HHS LASA Scholarship                                         Must be a member of LASA for one year, not failing any questions

    May 15                          Maywood American Legion                                   Maywood resident, child/grandchild of a member

    May 15                          HHS National Spanish Honor Society                      Active must have participated in the Spanish Honor Society and for those members who served in an officer position in SHS

    May 15                          The Harold Dow Scholarship for Journalism              African American majoring in Journalism

    May 15                          Baseball of Hackensack                                       Varsity winner in baseball/softball,participant in baseball of Hackensack recreation program

    May 15                          The Vincent and Helen Cassel Scholarship              Minimum 3.0GPA, top 20% of the class, financial need

    May 15                          Township of South Hackensack/Memorial School      Graduate of Memorial School in South Hackensack, Minimum of 3.0GPA

    May 15                          Hackensack Jr. Soccer Association                       Applicant must have been participated in the Hackensack Recreation Association or the Royals FC

    May 15                          Maywood Knights of Columbus                             Senior, need based, extracurricular activities




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