Welcome to my Personal Finance classes and the National Honor Society! Click on the link on the left for details about your class or the NHS.

    Please note the following class requirements:

    1. Students must bring to class each day a pen/pencil and a notebook or folder dedicated to my course. I grade students' notes taken in class.
    2. Students must login to this website at least once a  week to check status of new assignments. Click on the "Homework" link for assignments.
    3. Since this course is heavily technology-based, students must obtain access to a computer to do homework or finish classwork.
    4. Should a student not have a working computer at home, there are several other options available including the school library, the local library, and various computer labs in the high school.  Students should see me if they continue to have a problem.

    Focus on this class will be concentrated on three general areas:

    1. Note-taking (either on the computer or by hand)
    2. Using technologies
    3. Reading articles, mainly non-fiction (business news, personal finance, investing, etc.)
    Students or parents can contact me via email with any questions or concerns that they may have: e.renz@hackensackschools.org