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  • Classical Mythology: Project Acceleration through Seton Hall University
    Room 266 on The Bridge
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    The NEVER EVER List Of Essay Writing:

    I, me, my, in my opinion, I  think, I feel, I want to say/tell/explain, I believe, I can see that, I assume that, what I am saying is, I mean, My first/second/third reason is, you, you can see that, you can tell, you can understand, the author say/means, this quote shows/tells/explains, I know, you know, we can see/understand, in this essay/paragraph, for example, in conclusion, it seems that, I have proven my point/thesis, obviously, I learned that, have you ever wondered/thought/felt/believed?, this book/story is great/good/interesting/etc., the author is an amazing writer (or anything like that), don't, couldn't wouldn't (or any other contraction), informal language/slang (guy, dude, cool, hot, etc.), could/would/should of, cause (instead of because), due to the fact that, a quote that explains what I mean is, basically, b/c,w/, etc., w/out, it/this/these/those without the antecedent, things/stuff, the readers see/know/understand/anticipate, basically, actually...

    Attention All Students:

    Please have all assignments printed before the start of class.  I will not print up or allow you to leave class to print up an assignment.  Please sign up for a free HHS email address and/or purchase a flash drive so you can print from the library at the start of the day or during lunch.  Thank you.