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    Lesson 5

    Essential Question: How do tools help us do things with our hands?

    This week we will be learning words that start with the letter Ss.
    Please make sure that your child is able to identify and write both capital and lower case letters Ss.  

    ***Ask your child to think of words that begin with the letter Ss.

    Phonemic Awareness- Beginning Sounds & Words in an Oral Sentence

    Grammar - VERBS (Action Words)

    High-Frequency Words of the Week (Review): I, like, the, and

    GO Math!  

    We are currently starting Chapter 3 in Math.  We will be learning how to write, read, and compare numbers 6-9. Some key terms for comparing numbers include:

    • greater than (more)
    • less than (fewer)
    • same number

    Homework is sent home every night.  Please practice these skills with your child. :) 
    Thank you!!!