AP English Literature and Composition Files

  • When in AP lit class, try not to think about the all consuming conspiracies swirling around you...   This resource page contains electronic copies of materials and handouts, as well as links to websites and articles of interest. Adobe Acrobat Reader and a Microsoft Word-, PowerPoint- and Excel-compatible piece of software (or Microsoft Word Reader, PowerPoint Viewer and Excel Viewer) are required to view these assignments.  You may also view any Word or Excel documents (as well as create your own Word-, Excel-, and PowerPoint compatible documents) using OpenOffice.org, a freeware suite of productivity programs.

    *Note: When saving documents in OpenOffice.org, make sure to select "Save As" from the "File" menu and choose the appropriate Microsoft format (.doc for Word, .xls for Excel, and .ppt for PowerPoint). This step will prevent any compatibility problems when you bring your work to school.*

    For literary term packets and assignments, click here for the dedicated subpage.

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