Hamlet Extra Credit Assignment #8 - Why Should I Care?

Hamlet Activity: Why Should I Care?

Check out Shmoop's Hamlet Why Should I Care? section to read some of Shmoop's reasons why you should care about this text. You can see why Shmoop thinks Hamlet is relevant to today’s world, but what about you?

Can you think of ways that Hamlet speaks to who you are and what the world is like today? Does this text remind you of any other movies, events in the news, television shows, bestsellers, or song lyrics that you see, read, or hear today? Does anything in the text (a line, a character, a scene) remind you of any situations in your own life or in the lives of people around you or in the news?

Imagine that you woke up tomorrow as an English teacher and had to convince a class of students that Hamlet is as current and important to them as today's headlines. What would you tell them?

Make a list with three compelling reasons why you believe Hamlet has something important to say to readers today.