HAMLET FINAL ESSAY ASSIGNMENT - Spring Break IS a perfect time to write an essay


    You are to write a six paragraph argumentative, research-based essay, utilizing our reading of Hamlet and the play (available elsewhere on this website) to answer the following question:

    Is Hamlet sane or insane? 

    Defend you answer with two quotes per support paragraph and do an anticipation/refutation paragraph utilizing at least two quotes as well.

    All quotes can come from the text, but their are up to fifty points extra credit for quoting from outside sources. Total worth is 300 points, plus up to 50 points extra credit.

    No using wikipedia as a source. Collegiate sources only (no sparknote comments either).

    Proofread, spellcheck, proofread, proofread, spellcheck, and then proofread again.

    This is due in print form and shared with me on googledocs by Monday, April 18.

    Have fun. Think. Enjoy your intelligence.