Pre AP United States History

  • Pre AP United States History I Syllabus and Course Procedures


    I. Rationale:

    To be aware of cultural and historical differences and commonalities so we may understand ourselves and our nation.


    II. Course Aims and Objectives:


    Students will think critically about people, events and consequences and connect these ideas to their own lives and situations that exist in the world today. Using history, students will become more organized, think logically and write clearly, so that they will become full, effective and valuable citizens that participate fully in the workings of today’s society.


    Units of Study

    I.                    Colonization and Settlement

    II.                 Revolution and the New Nation

    III.               Expansion and Reform

    IV.              Civil War and Reconstruction

    V.                 The Development of the Industrial United States

    VI.              Progressive Reforms


    Specific Learning Objectives:

    Please see my teacher’s web page to review a detailed curriculum and skill objectives. All assignments given in United States History I will be done to meet the requirements of both documents.


    III. Format and Procedures


    Each class is designed to incorporate various learning styles to accommodate the needs of all students. Each of these styles will include higher level questioning, critical thinking activities and skill based activities. These activities will be done in various formats; see Class Assignments.


    Class Assignments

    Class work                                                       Geography skills                      

    Homework                                                        Primary source analysis            

    Tests/Quizzes                                                   Research based projects

    Map skills                                                         Note taking

    Short answer/open ended questions                       Essays-1-2-1 Expository Essay               

    Group projects and presentations         


    These assignments will be used in variation based upon the topic being covered and will be tailored to each class.


    IV. Course Requirements:


    1. Class Attendance

    Attendance policies for US I will be in accordance with the attendance policy stated in the HHS handbook.


    2. Late Work

    Students are required to hand in all work even though it may be past the due date. Even though the assignment is late and points will be deducted, it is considered important that students do the work in order to understand the subject matter as it will be connected to future learning. The penalty for late work is subject to the teacher’s discretion.


    3. Make-up work due to absence

    Students will be given an appropriate amount of time to make up work based upon the amount of time they were absent. Once this time has passed the work will be considered late and subject to late work policy.


    4. Course readings/materials and other resources

    All students are expected to be prepared with necessary materials daily.


    5. Academic Honesty

    If you hand in work that is not yours, you will receive a zero or no grade for that assignment.  You also will be subject to the school academic honor code.  If you lie to me, I WILL LOSE TRUST INYOU.


    Required Text:  Electronic Version




    Resources: Supplementary resources will be used throughout the course and include primary source documents and pictures, newspaper/magazine articles and internet based information and activities.


    6. Homework Philosophy

    Homework is given for various reasons including; introduction, reinforcement, review and extension. Homework can be done in various forms including; Q&A (all types), note taking, reading, reading analysis (DBQ), map/geography skills, essays (all types) and projects. The time allotted for homework will vary depending on the assignment. Homework will be given on average from 2-3 times a week and may vary according to topic and needs of each individual class.


    7. Common Assignments

    Various projects and writing assignments will be given for each unit of study.


    8. Header Format for Assignments


    All handed in assignments must have the following information at the top the page:


    Name                                                                Assignment                                                                                                      

    Date                                                           Class Period


    Note: You will not receive credit for assignments handed in without your name.


    V. Grading Procedures

    Grading in United States History I is designed to facilitate the learning of all students. Grading is used to show demonstrative progress to all students, demonstrate their strengths, and areas in which they may need extra academic commitment. The process is cumulative and the final grade is issued as per the Hackensack High School Handbook.


    Marking period grades will be calculated by percentages; Homework and Classroom participation-20%; Quizzes - 30%; Tests; Essays and Projects – 50%.


    VI. Assessments

    United States I has common unit tests, a common mid-term, and a common final.


    VII.  Period 10

    I will be available during period 10, 2:30 – 3:00 p.m., in room 269 on the bridge for additional instruction or support.        


    VIII. Classroom Conduct

    1. Mutual Respect – respect for other students learning (quiet during assessments, questions and comments, raise your hand to comment or answer, no harassment, humor with boundaries, etc.).

    2. Responsibility for your own learning and learning aids provided to you.

    3. Always Be Prepared for class – (notebook, writing utensils and other necessary materials to class, be ready to work).

    4. Listen carefully and Follow instructions as they are given.

    5. Be Punctual – if your body is not completely in the door when the bell rings, you are late.   If you are late, you will receive detention.

    6.  Honesty – both in your academic work and your character.  If you hand in any class assignment that is not your own intellectual property you will receive a zero or no grade.  You also will be subject to the school academic honor code.  If you lie to me, I WILL NOT TRUST YOU.  

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