Driver's Education Syllabus





    Teacher:  Mr. Beebe                                                           


    Course Content:

                Driver Education will cover the following topics: Driver Licenses and Tests, Driver Safety Skills and Rules, Driver Privileges and Penalties, Emergency Situations, Sharing the Road, and Maps and Signs.



    The class will be taught using a combination of lecture, audio-visual materials, independent study, cooperative learning, and student centered activities.




    The New Jersey Driver Manual

    Drive Right



    Homework:  15% of FINAL GRADE

                         Will be accepted up to 1 day late with grade penalty

                         Due within 3 days of your return to school unless you speak to me first


    Project:        15 % of FINAL GRADE


    Class Participation:    35 % of FINAL GRADE

                         Come to class prepared daily

                         Pay attention to powerpoints and fill out note packets.

                        You may lose points for lateness, unwaived absences, discipline,

                         Doing other class work, phone/ipod, and behavior



    Test/Quizzes:   35% of FINAL GRADE

                          All averaged together

                          If you are absent it is your responsibility to speak to me in order to make

                          Up any work missing

                          Always notified of tests/not always notified of quizzes






    AB                               ABSENCE: You are still responsible for all the work and assignments covered during your absence. When you return to school, you may turn in your work or see me to arrange a schedule for completing your work. Failure to do so may result in a zero and no other chance for make-up. Remember 5 unwaived absences may result in no credit.


    Late:  Class will begin with the late bell. It is expected that you will be ready to participate at that time. Detention for lateness is held at my discretion. Remember 5 lates is equivalent to 1 absence.


    CLASS CUTS: One cut will automatically bring your grade down one whole grade from your final average.  Two cuts in Driver’s Ed. class will result in being dropped from the course.