Health 4 Syllabus

  •                                 HEALTH CLASS SYLLABUS


    Teacher: Mr. Beebe




    The class will be taught using a combination of lecture, audio-visual materials, independent study, guest speakers, cooperative learning, and student centered activities.


    Course Content


    Drugs and Alcohol-use to abuse

    Teen Suicide



    Health Skills for Wellness



    Tests (3 Tests)                                               300 points

    Quizzes                                                          200 points

    Project                                                             200 points

    Articles (5 Articles/20 points each)                 100 points

    Classroom Participation                                 300 points

    Homework                                                       100 points


    Grade Scale

    1100-1200                   A                                 

    950-1059                     B

    850-949                       C

    775-849                       D

    774 & Below                F




    ABSENCE:  You are still responsible for all the work and assignments covered during your absence. When you return to school, you may turn in your work or see me to arrange a schedule for completing your work. Failure to do so may result in a zero and no other chance for make-up. Remember 5 unwaived absences may result in no credit.


    LATENESS: Class will begin with the late bell. It is expected that you will be ready to participate at that time. Detention for lateness is held at my discretion. Remember 5 lates is equivalent to 1 absence.


    CLASS CUTS: Two cuts in Health class will result in being dropped from the course.