• Hackensack High School


    English Syllabus

    Mrs. Pumilia



    Course Goals:

    1. Explore and interpret the writings of several authors of prose and poetry spanning different cultures, time periods and topics.

    2. Engage in meaningful and interesting discussions concerning the issues raised in the literature and making connections to contemporary culture.

    3.Read for meaning as well as content.

    4.Gain an understanding of various literary techniques used by writers of prose and poetry.

    5. Conduct effective and original research on an assigned topic.

    6.Gain and refine skills in all states of the writing process (literary analysis, narrative, research, argumentative, and extended response types of writing) through individualized writing assignments.

    7. Increase proficiency in the areas of grammar and vocabulary.

    8. Practice test-taking strategies (PARCC)


    Required Assignment:  Students will be responsible for all homework assignments, quizzes, test, written assignments, oral presentations, research papers and projects.  All tests will be announced, offering students ample time to prepare and study.  All students are responsible for making up assignments if absent from class.


    Grading:  The marking period grade will be broken down into five parts…


    -          Test, Essays, Projects & Presentations                  40%

    -          Homework                   10%

    -          Quizzes                                                                 30%

    -          Class Participation                                                 20%


    -          It is expected that students hand in all work.  If a major assignment is late, the grade will be lowered by 15 points everyday after its due date.  This includes Saturday and Sunday.  If a homework assignment is late, the grade will be lowered by 10 points everyday after its due date.  Absentee work turns into late work after one week including tests.


    Classroom Expectation:  It is expected that students will follow the classroom guidelines listed below.


    1.      Be respectful and kind to everyone in the classroom.

    2.      Follow directions.

    3.      Come o class on-time and prepared to succeed. (IPAD, text, paper, pen, ect…)

    4.      Honor school rules.




    I look forward to having a great year with all my students.  If you have any questions about these requirements please speak with me as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation and good luck this year!