Unit 3

  • Hackensack Public Schools


    Writing Workshop


    Grade 4

    Unit 3: Literary Essay


    Indicators of Understanding


    1. Writers will craft a thesis statement centered on ideas using the structure of a 5-paragraph literary essay:

    -         First paragraph: presents a thesis

    -         3 body paragraphs: information supporting the thesis

    -         Last paragraph: connects the thesis to an issue that matters outside the text.


    2. Writers will demonstrate an understanding of how analysis of some of the elements of story (character, plotline) can support a big idea.


    3. Writers will include at least 3 pieces of text evidence (at least one per supportive paragraph) with exact quotes from the text to support thesis, then articulate how the quote supports the thesis. Writers continue this work throughout the body of the essay, using transitional phrases to move the reader through the essay.


    4. Writers end their personal essays by synthesizing the information in the body of the essay and concluding with a bigger idea extending beyond the writer’s personal experience into relationships in general and/or the world around them.